Misrata Council of Elders and civil society institutions in the city have totally rejected the UN-imposed government and its efforts to come to Tripoli, describing it a trusteeship government.

"We totally reject imposing this government on Libyans by force, as it failed to get Libyan consensus and vote of confidence from legislative authorities in Libya," a statement issued on Tuesday explained.

The statement added that imposing the self-declared government in this way is considered a hostile action against Libyans. It denounced the threat of pro-government armed groups to use force to install it in Tripoli.

"We hold this government and its promoters responsible for any bloodshed," the statement warned.

On the other hand, the council of elders in the mountain city of Gharyan and armed brigades  there have totally refused the UN-imposed government, urging municipal councils in Libya to distance themselves from the political work, in reference to Misrata Municipality, which is intervening in the ongoing political crisis.  

"We will not accept any government that is not approved by Libyans and is not welcomed by the Fatwa House," Gharyan council and armed brigades said in a statement on Tuesday.

Revolution Squares Gathering, representing 12 cities, has also rejected what it called the desperate attempts to bring the UN-imposed government to Tripoli.  

Several armed brigades in Tripoli have also rejected imposing the government in Tripoli by force and threatened to prevent its arrival in the capital.



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