Renewed clashes in Libya’s Sabha leave three killed, including a kid

Renewed clashes in Libya’s Sabha leave three killed, including a kid

March 06, 2018 - 18:02
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

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Three people, including on baby girl, were killed and over 12 were wounded as clashes renewed Tuesday in Sabha, Libya’s south, spokesman for the Sabha Medical Center, Osama Al-Wafi confirmed.

According to local sources, an armed group attacked Sabha Martyrs Brigade headquarters in Al-Nasiriya neighborhood, adding that the clashes got intense using all kinds of arms, including tanks.

“The attacking armed group then withdrew as Al-Nasiriya neighborhood saw a wave of displacement due to the heavy clashes.” The sources added.

Sabha Red Crescent branch called on the warring parties to ceasefire and allocated an emergency number for providing civilians with the needed medical aids and other necessities, including securing them out of the clashes zone.

Meanwhile, the operations room for Sabha that was formed by Khalifa Haftar and headed by Mohammed Al-Manfor held a meeting on Monday at Brak Al-Shatti airbase with Tubu and Awlad Sulaiman tribesmen and then announced a ceasefire truce and disowning the parties that use arms to settle down any upcoming conflicts in the south.

The clashes that started days ago between Tubu and Awlad Sulaiman tribes in Sabha took many turns with each party exchanging treason and using mercenaries’ accusations as the conflict began to gain political importance with one party voicing loyalty to Tripoli-based Presidential Council and the second to warlord Haftar.