Tens of rockets have rained down on different civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli, including Abu Salim, Al-Hadba and Bab Benghashir, in addition to over 50 rockets falling in the vicinity of Tripoli's Mitiga Airport and surrounding areas - all have been fired by Khalifa Haftar's forces - according to eyewitnesses on Monday.

The attacks caused several injuries among civilians, especially the ones that targeted Al-Khadra Hospital in Al-Hadba, where many medical staffers and patients were left in utter panic and intimidation.

A nurse at the hospital, who asked not to be named, said a pregnant woman aborted due to the panic and horror she was in when the shelling hit the hospital.

The media adviser of the Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi said a foreign worker was injured in the vicinity of Al-Khadra Hospital, which was targeted by Haftar's rockets Monday afternoon.

"Three people have been injured in Haftar's attack on Abu Salim, including one 15-year-old boy. The shelling continues on Ghabat Al-Nasser, Hay Dimashiq, and Abu Salim. At least four civilians are injured." Al-Hashemi added.

He said all patients at the targeted hospital had been evacuated, saying most of them have chronic illnesses, besides one Coronavirus patient in the COVID-19 department that has been newly assigned by the hospital for the pandemic.

"We appeal to international humanitarian organizations to stop the aggression on Tripoli and on healthcare facilities where medics and paramedics are working tirelessly to help patients especially amid the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Rocket attacks are still ongoing with likely more damage and casualties to be reported later by The Libya Observer.