Africa Intelligence news website reported that the Italian firm, Aeneas, which was contracted for rebuilding Tripoli International Airport passengers terminal, is a fake company that was created for the sake of signing the contract and disappeared a day after the signing.

The news website said that Aeneas was created by two mini firms in Rome, Escape and Lions Consulting and the contract they signed with the UN-proposed government was for 79 million dollars, the news website claimed.

The website added some details about the owners and partners as well as the fields and countries of the work for those two mini firms, adding that they are operating on a very low scale and that their contract for the Libyan Tripoli airport is a mystery.

The allegations were denied on Wednesday by a tweet from the Italian Embassy in Libya.

The Italian Embassy in Libya said that it is not a mystery and Aeneas is not one firm but a group of firms that have good experience and professionalism for getting the job done in Tripoli International Airport.