The investigative TV program on Al-Jazeera "Ma Khafiya Aadam (What's kept secret is greater)" has revealed an exclusive leaked copy of the Libyan Public Prosecution's document in the case of the Head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values in Russia, Maxim Shugaley, and his team, saying that they were active on Libyan soil and had carried out multiple tasks.

The document said the Russian team included Samer Seifan who holds Russian, Jordanian, and Peruvian citizenships. He was originally a surgeon and was Shugaley's private translator, and they all entered Libya under different covers.

Regarding his relationship with the founder of Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin, Shugaley acknowledged in his interview with Al-Jazeera that he personally knew the founder of Wagner. Also, Prigozhin is mentioned repeatedly in the records of the Libyan Public Prosecution, and he was referred to by several names as well as described as one of "the biggest decision-makers in the Russian kitchen".

Confidential reports show that Shugaley was monitoring the field and military situation in Libya and sending information to Moscow on a daily basis, and held a series of meetings with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, with the aim of supporting him to run for the presidential elections. The documents show that three meetings took place between the Russian team and Saif Gaddafi, who according to Shugaley was not In detention at the time, denying that his team sought to influence the Libyan elections.

The investigation revealed that Shugaley and his team ran Libyan websites and opinion polls in favor of the return of Saif Gaddafi, and that Gaddafi informed the Russians of the readiness of runways in Bani Walid, Ghadames, Zintan and Tarhuna cities to receive their forces. Saif Gaddafi also handed over to Moscow, through Shugaley, secret documents related to international figures, in addition to documents that disclosed that French President Emmanuel Macron had received Libyan funds through intermediaries in 2017 as well as documents of money transfers to influential American and Ukrainian figures.