The National Oil Corporation (NOC) says that gas supplies to power plants are running as usual amid fears that fuel shortage would bring back long hours of power cuts with the beginning of the vernal equinox.

In a statement, the NOC confirmed that the power plants are receiving the same amount of supplies provided during the winter peak.

The NOC was responding to the state-run electricity company (GECOL), which noted a sharp decrease in the stock of light fuel feeding several power stations after "being cut from the main source."

"Supplying power stations is at the top of our priorities," the company said, affirming that it had reduced gas exports to achieve sufficiency for the local market.

The statement also referred to the security issue erupting near the Zawiya refinery, saying it is beyond their control.

"The West Tripoli Power Station is being supplied by trucks due to the limited quantities of diesel transported through the line linking the Zawiya depot and the Tripoli depot."

It called for developing an emergency plan and other alternatives than the land route, which is occasionally affected by security conditions.

The NOC renewed its call for establishing a marine gas line from the Mellitah complex, indicating that the administrative responsibility in this regard rests with the consuming company.

It said the GECOL gave no notice of a shortage in supplies, despite having a relative joint committee to follow up on such issues, as it stressed that bottlenecks should be addressed through the committee instead of "evading responsibilities and blaming others."

In conclusion, the NOC emphasized that the stability of the power grid is an inherent specialty of the GECOL, as it bears the responsibility to find appropriate solutions for the obstacles.