Revolution Squares activists: GNC defectors not welcome in Tripoli

Revolution Squares activists: GNC defectors not welcome in Tripoli

March 03, 2016 - 19:41
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A group of Revolution Squares activists warned whom they called “defectors” from the General National Congress and pro-Skhirat agreement not to hold any meeting in Tripoli for their announcement of the State Council as per the UN-imposed agreement signed in Morocco last December.

“If the defectors did not listen to our warning calls, then they will face decisive reactions and responses from us.” The activists announced in a statement Wednesday.

They also said that what those GNC members did was creating a gap in the unity of the GNC as they betrayed the principles of February revolution and sided with the conspiracy of Kobler and Leon to pave the way for a western-trusteeship puppet government that will follow the west’s dictations.

“We are completely in no favor for plunging the capital into bloodshed, yet this attempt to announce the State Council from Tripoli by those defectors is no more than a plot woven against the unity of the state and its institutions, worse yet, it is a new coup on February revolution.” The statement continued.

Earlier, a number of pro-Skhirat agreement GNC members held a consultation meeting, as they called it, in an attempt to see the reactions of this deed by the GNC and other Tripoli powers.