Revolution Squares Gathering (RSG) called on the General National Congress to postpone finalizing the political draft agreement and to abstain from nominating candidates for the national unity government until it analyzes and studies them meticulously.

In a press release Tuesday, the RSG urged the GNC to conduct a workshop that includes expert politicians and activists to review the draft and spot any inconsistent points in it, stressing that upon analyzing the draft, the RSG staff found a number of vague points in it.

“There is a contradiction between the points that were recently added to the draft and the already existing ones; for instance, article (72) says all of the GNC and HoR resolutions would be cancelled during their conflict period. In addition, another contradiction is the articles (17 and 67) that give the new MPs and the national unity government the right to modify the resolutions made by previous MPs and maintain them as well.” Added the RSG.

The RSG indicated that there is also a contradiction between article (16) that gives the right to the HoR and the State Council as regards appointing and dismissing the officials, and the articles (4 and 5), which give the right to do so only for HoR.

The RSG concluded its statement by expressing rejection for not specifying a clear tenure for the HoR , while specifying only that of the State Council and the national unity government.

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