The former Prime Minister of the Salvation Government, Omer Al-Hassi, said he is in favor of the military offensive carried out by the Defend Benghazi Brigades (DBB) at the oil crescent region as long as there will be no casualties and no sabotage to be done at the facilities, pipelines and depots.

"We support the existence of an honest power aiming at returning the IDPs to their homes in Benghazi and freeing the innocent families trapped in Ganfouda for months." Al-Hassi said on Tanasuh TV on Friday.

He added that he wishes the country can be cleansed of the ongoing agenda that targets bringing back the rule of the old dictatorship and the rule of the military.

"After 6 years have passed since the kick-start of the revolution, the revolutionaries must now reach new political visions and common grounds and not only stick to shouldering their guns and rifles, which I think must be politically-driven." Al-Hassi told Tanasuh TV.

He explained further that a group of revolutionary fighters from all across Libya have actually reached a consensus to create a political way out to regain Libya's stability and security, pointing out that the road to eastern Libya, which he said had been usurped by the military forces that claim fighting terrorism and carries out criminal acts every day, is open now.

"All revolutionaries must be united and aim only at liberating Libya so that they can reform the revolution's path and regain stability." Al-Hassi elaborated, indicating that the first step towards that end is unity among revolutionary fighters within a project that would be so far from bringing any damage to Libyans' fortunes and at the same time so close to breaking the siege on Ganfouda, and Derna.