The Revolutionary Brigades Gathering (RBG) – a wing of the General Staff of the General National Congress has formed a unified operations room in Tripoli together with the Defense and Interior Ministries.

In a televised statement Sunday, the RBG reaffirmed its support for any accord solution that preserves Libya’s sovereignty and manifests the February revolution principles so that all warring parties come together in an agreed-upon government, stressing the rejection for any foreign military intervention in Libya’s domestic affairs.

It also called on the UN to pursue its work in Libya with professionalism and neutrality and underlined that it has always denounced all forms of terrorism and that the RBG forces can defeat those terrorist groups, calling on the international community to provide the Libyan state with the needed logistic and ammunition back up to do so.

“We call on the UN to stop the war waged by rogue General Khalifa Haftar on Benghazi and Ajdabia under the pretext of fighting terrorism and to draw a fine line between the real revolutionaries and the extremists in Benghazi.” The RBG explained, calling on the Salvation Government’s Interior Ministry to communicate with Tunisia to cooperate against terrorism.

“We urge the Central Bank of Libya to do its national duties toward the Libyan citizens and solve the current financial and liquidity problems that are crippling the daily lives of all citizens.” The statement concluded.