The so-called Tribes Army of Wirshiffana has responded angrily to a recent order by rogue General Khalifa Haftar to his aides to abandon the commander of the army, Brigadier Omer Tantosh.

During a military rally in Wirshiffana on Monday, supporters of Tantosh, all are still loyal of slain Gaddafi, said the order of Khalifa Haftar is totally rejected.

Last month, Khalifa Haftar ordered his militias in western Libya to abandon Omer Tantosh saying he is no longer part of his self-proclaimed Libyan National Army.

Tantosh and his militias used to fight alongside with Khalifa Haftar's in the past two years, but because of superiority complex, Khalifa Haftar decided to abandon him.

 "We call the President of HoR in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Armed Forces to reconsider some orders and abuses committed by Khalifa Haftar, which could delay the liberation," Tantosh supporters said in a statement, while referring to the planned attack on Tripoli.

The supporters also said that Khalifa Haftar's order is an insult to all Wirshiffana tribes.

Brigadier Omer Tantosh was a senior commander in former Gaddafi brigades. In 2011, he took charge of the western region's front lines. He was arrested in 2012 before being released by Zintan town in 2014 to join the fight against Libya Dawn forces. He then formed the so-called Tribes Army of Wirshiffana and joined Dignity Operation.

In August 2016, President of HoR Aqailah Saleh appointed him as the commander of the military zone of Wirshiffana under Khalifa Haftar's self-proclaimed Libyan National Army.