The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) called on all armed parties and entities to resort to restraint and immediately stop armed escalation, urging them to avoid violence and fighting inside the capital, Tripoli.

NCHRL warned against plunging the country into a new civil war and endangering Libya’s national, social and geographical unity, as well as security and social peace, calling on all parties to avoid any form of escalation and to refrain from taking any measures or practices that would affect security and social peace or undermine stability.

It also renewed its call on the International Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council to implement UN Security Council resolutions that help prosecute anyone who plans, directs, or commits acts that violate international law or human rights in Libya, as well as to slap a travel ban and asset freezing on individuals and entities that carry out acts or support acts that threaten peace, stability, or security in Libya, or obstruct and undermine the country’s political transition.