Human Rights Solidarity said the release of the former Head of the Internal Security Agency, Abdullah Mansour, is a reinforcement of the policy of impunity, adding in a statement that Mansour was the Head of the Internal Security Agency in Tripoli in the last months of Muammar Gaddafi’s rule, knowing that the International Criminal Court convicted this agency of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the indictment against Al-Tuhamy Khalid, the Head of the Internal Security Agency.

The human rights group said that Mansour is a main suspect in the mass murder of more than 1,200 detainees in the central prison in Abu Salim neighborhood, which took place on June 29, 1996 and is known as the Abu Salim prison massacre that the Libyan law and the decision of the Supreme Court stipulated as a crime against humanity, according to testimonies of dozens of soldiers and officers.

It also confirmed that the release of a defendant, who participated in a crime against humanity, before the end of the trial, is a flagrant violation of the law and the independence of the judiciary, and an evidence of the unwillingness of the concerned authorities in Libya to achieve justice and end impunity.