Participants in Rome conference on Libya welcomed Sunday the announcement of Tunisia's UNSMIL meeting to sign the final Libyan political accord on December 16.

In a statement at the conclusion of the conference, 17 Arab and European countries, and representatives from the UN, EU, AU and Arab League expressed support for Skhirate dialogue to form a government of national accord as the sole legitimate government of Libya.

They also called on all parties to accept an immediate, comprehensive ceasefire in all parts of Libya and enable safe passages of humanitarian assistance to address the humanitarian crisis, particularly in Benghazi.

Meanwhile, the mayors of the eastern municipalities along with the elders’ councils have strongly criticized the “suspicious moves” that some international powers are carrying out to tighten the grip on the Libyan national domestic decision.

In a letter directed to the President of Tobruk Parliament and the Secretary General of the United Nations, they expressed total rejection to the outcomes of the meeting sponsored by the UNSMIL’s head, Martin Kobler, which was held in Tunisia on December 10, 11.

“We call on UNSMIL’s head to dismiss some of the UNSMIL’s staff, especially the head of political office, head of media office and his personal secretary, who have been playing a biased, negative, and unauthentic role in the process of the Libyan dialogue.” The letter reads.

The letter added that such unilateral meetings as the ones held in Tunisia have always established the norms of division, separation, tribalism, and have paved the way for the outbreak of a civil war in Libya, as the letter described.