The Head of the Russian foreign ministry's middle East and North Africa department,  Alexander Kinschak, said in an interview with Sputnik that Moscow is actively considering reopening its embassy in Libya once all technical and security issues are resolved.

He said Russia has reached in principle an agreement with the Libyan government on the embassy's opening, adding that all the necessary organizational and technical matters are being worked on, including security of the diplomatic mission.

"We pay special attention to this aspect, considering the existing tense military-political situation in Libya, including the metropolitan area," Kinschak said.

He also said Russia is planning to open the General Consulate in Benghazi after the

embassy in Tripoli resumes its operations, adding that Russia does not support any of the conflicting parties in Libya and is willing to initiate contacts with all Libya's power centers.

Kinschak added that there will be more opportunities for opening Benghazi Consulate after Russia's embassy in Tripoli reopens.