The Russian Foreign Ministry said Moscow had warned European partners that Operation IRINI that is tasked to monitor the implementation of the arms embargo in Libya should be committed to the international law and resolution 2229, tying the European Union naval mission's work to the approval of the Security Council.

The Russian Foreign Ministry added in a statement Saturday that Moscow would be monitoring the vitality of Operation IRINI closely amid reports of increased violations of the UN arms embargo in the country, adding that Russia assumes that the naval mission will cover the entire coast of Libya as any lack of balance could badly affect the efforts for dialogue among Libyan parties.

The Russian Foreign Ministry referred to the arms embargo of the Security Council on Libya and subsequent resolution 2229 in 2016 for maritime inspection missions, which Moscow said were done individually by EU's Operation Sophia, which wasn't highly useful.

"Russia will take all those points into account when voting on another extension for the naval inspection missions off Libya is due in June 2020. Russia supports UN efforts in Libya and looks forward to the appointment of a new envoy who will be accepted by all parties in Libya." The statement reads.