The Chief of the Defense Committee at the Russian Federation Council, Viktor Bondarev, denied Moscow's intention of building military bases in Libya and Egypt.

Bondarev told RIA Novosti news agency that there are no plans at this point to build military bases for Russia in Libya and Egypt, adding that his country's stance on military bases overseas is rational and balanced.

"That is why we won't do so such a thing without pre-consideration. We are not after hegemony but rather balance and an inter-interest system that saves the whole world." The Russia top official disclosed.

French expert, Alain Rodier, told Atlantico days ago that Russia was interested in military bases to be built in Libya and Egypt in addition to its two bases in Syria in Tartus and Hemeimeem, adding that a sea port was Russia's first plan in Tobruk, Libya.

"Russian delegates visited Tobruk more than once in the last period and checked the conditions of the port." said a reliable source from Tobruk-base parliament as reported by the New Arab news website, thus casting doubt on Bondarev's denial as being not all-time true.

"It is not going to take long before we all discover the true intentions of Russia because building a military base will be sooner or later announced to the public." The sources added, confirm g that Khalifa Haftar was behind the proposal of the military base with Egypt's consent.

He added that Haftar's order to shut down Tobruk port last October under the pretext of corruption was not real, saying the true motive was prompted by Russia.

"Tobruk is such a fit for a Russia military base as it is close to Egypt - Russia's ally in the region - but the delay is because of conflicts between Russia and France on each one's military presence in Libya." The source further explained.

The source indicated that other plans are all in place for strengthening of Haftar's grip in east Libya and those include the UAE's presence in Khadim airbase in southern Al-Marij, which is a first step of a series of foreign presence in Libya's east that could start with France in Wahat area in the country's south, besides Russia's presence in Tobruk, which is close to Cairo.