Fathallah Saadawi, head of the Libyan Political Parties Association, has highlighted that the ongoing political changes in Europe and the upcoming US presidential elections will significantly affect international and regional issues, including the stagnating Libyan crisis.

In a press statement, Saadawi remarked that the European Union has become a burden for the United States. Washington perceives Russia's advances in Africa and control over Sahel countries as resulting from Europe's mismanagement of the Libyan situation, he said.

Saadawi predicted that major political changes in the EU and the U.S. will become apparent following the U.S. elections next year. He added that the far-right's dominance in the European Parliament appears inevitable as Europe's right-wing strives to reposition itself against Russia, China, and the U.S.

He also noted that stringent measures against illegal immigrants in Britain, France, and Germany are likely to increase resentment towards Europeans in Africa. 

With Libya serving as a key transit point for thousands of migrants, the closure of Mediterranean routes could lead to a surge of migrants in Libya and Tunisia, Saadawi explains.