Sabratha Municipality has reached an agreement with the dignitaries of Surman to release the detainees from Sabratha kidnapped by an armed group from Surman on identity basis in retaliation for arresting a group involved in abduction and extortion acts in the western region.

According to the Sabratha Municipality Facebook page, Mayor, Hussein Al-Dwadi said that a meeting was held Monday evening in Surman in presence of some of the Surman dignitaries, along with a delegation from Libyan Council of Elders and Al-Zawiya city dignitaries to discuss the issue of detainees.

“After meeting with all the attendees, the decision was to release the detained persons by the armed group without any preconditions and to ensure a good relationship among all the tribes of the Surman Municipality, without exception.” The Facebook post reads.

Sabratha Municipality Facebook page also quoted Al-Dwadi as saying, “The meeting agreed on the need to do what is best to spot the whereabouts of the detainees from Surman and Sabratha and set them free. 
“We discussed the mechanism of delivering those kidnappers to a neutral body that works for the State institutions, yet we will follow up the case and the results of the investigation with the attorney general for adjudication.” Concluded the Municipality.

More than 20 local residents from Sabratha were abducted in Surman early this month in retaliation for the recent arrest of a criminal gang.