Sabratha Military Council decided Monday to form a committee to follow up the return of the Sabratha displaced persons whether from inside Libya or outside it.

The committee member, Salah Addeen Kernaf, said the decision came as a response to the suffering of the displaced Sabratha persons regardless of their political inclinations and as part of the city’s efforts to unite the families and end their suffering.

Kernaf added, in a statement Monday, that the decision aims at making the displaced feel at ease about returning to their city by making agreements with the senior leaders of the revolutionaries’ brigades in which they vowed to secure the displaced persons’ return. One of the guarantees was the right to go to court and official institutions regarding any issue for both parties, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Sabratha Military Council’s decision allows the displaced to go back to their former jobs as per the laws. It also ordered to communicate with the Sabratha persons imprisoned in other cities and the parties that are arresting them.

It is worth mentioning that many Gaddafi loyalists and Dignity Operation supporters as well as fighters in the so-called Tribes Army have been displaced from their hometowns and are now suffering where they reside.