The Head of UNSMIL Ghassan Salame briefed the Security Council on Wednesday saying the Libyan National Conference will provide next month a crucial chance to end the 8-year long crisis in the country.

Salame added that the discussions they made with all Libyans resulted in the conviction that they need unity of institutions as soon as possible, but they are faced by some parties which are profiting off the chaos.

"If the conference was not used in the right way, there will be either prolongation of stalemate or new conflicts and the stalemate itself could eventually lead to conflict." Salame warned.

He also said that previous failures prove that Libya is governed by arms and military operations, adding that Libyans have a chance to end this.

"Libyans can choose to approve or disapprove the national doctrine that was devised by the discussions leading to the holding of this conference." Salame remarked, saying they could also set dates for elections and provide recommendations on how to adopt a constitutional framework and see to the existing draft constitution.

He also urged Libyans to stay away from hindering actions and from negative media campaigns.

Slame called on the international community to commit to what is beneficial for Libyans and to pressure those who are fueling the conflict into quitting such actions so the country can end its transitional phase and start the statehood.