Prime Minister of Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Ghawiel said Wednesday that the resignation statement of the government was fake.

Al-Ghawiel called all government ministries and departments to carry out their duties entrusted to them and warned them of legal actions if they deal with the self-approved Presidency Council of UN-proposed government.

The Salvation Government also warned the Presidency Council of any attempt to seize government buildings.

"We call the so-called Presidency Council not to touch government buildings until an inclusive settlement is reached," the government said in a statement.

 It confirmed that instructions have been already given to all security bodies to protect government buildings and held the Presidency Council responsible for any violations that may occur.

It also accused UN Chief in Libya Martin Kobler of intervening in the internal affairs of the country.

On Tuesday, A resignation statement of the Salvation Government was posted in the official Facebook account of the Ministry of Justice. Sources said the statement was written by Justice Minister Mustafa Al-Galaib and Local Government Minister Muhand Younis.