A high-level meeting was held yesterday in the Premiership headquarters in presence of the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Local Government, heads of security agencies, and mayors of Mediterranean-overlooking cities to discuss the mechanisms that can help confine the illegal immigration phenomenon, which frequently uses Libya as a stepping stone to be shipped to Europe in general, and Italy in particular.

The participants decided to entrust the security agencies specialized in fighting the illegal immigration to improve the health conditions and the living standards of the immigrants, and to found appropriate shelters and detention centers for women and children, yet kick-start the process of transferring them back to their homelands.

They also decided to ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to urge the countries that export this phenomenon to tighten the grip on the immigrants flow to Libya via their southern borders, while at the same time calling for deployment of armed troops in the area that can observe the influx places from which those immigrants take off.

Besides, the meeting resulted in forming a room for administrating and observing the illegal immigration, which would be authorized to make crucial decisions and calls that can alleviate its outbreak with the help of the municipalities of the cities that overlook the Mediterranean.

The Salvation Government stressed in this regard the significance of cooperating with the European Union (EU) in fighting this phenomenon, saying that it is currently trying to open mutual work-channels with the EU as one step towards terminating this issue.