The sacked National Oil Corporation (NOC) head, Mustafa Sanalla, refused to quit after Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah named Farhat bin Qadara as his successor.

In a video uploaded on the NOC's Facebook page, Sanalla considered the decision "a deal between Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and the United Arab Emirates to control Libyan oil.

"The outgoing Government of National Unity tried to manipulate the oil institution by making deals in the Emirates... This institution is older than the UAE, a country mired in the Libyan file and allied with Dbeibah," Sanalla said.

He indicated that Dbeibah's government received more than (165 billion LYD) from the oil corporation, throwing into question how these revenues were spent in light of the dire situation in the country.

Sanalla insisted that the NOC enjoys protection from international law and the political agreement and does not follow the government.

"This is an institution for the Libyan people, not the Dbeibah family, and you do not have power over it. This government has expired, and another government has been appointed by Parliament."

He attacked his successor appointed by Dbeibah and accused him of "conspiring with the UAE to control Libyan oil resources."

Dbeibah wants to compromise the National Oil Corporation and hand it over to the Emirates, Sanalla said, accusing him of striking deals with the UAE while his mandate has already expired, as he put it.

He warned against attempts to approach or overtake the NOC HQ adding that he is "staying in the Corporation" and no one can force him out.