The Foreign Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government, Mohammed Sayala, disclosed that an argument took place between Libya's Presidential Council delegation and Egypt's delegation regarding phrasing the Arab ministerial statement about Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Answering a question from a certain TV channel's reporter about whether or not Egypt is working against the UN-proposed government, Sayala said Egypt is working against its interests in Libya, saying about two million Egyptians are working in Libya and if Libya is unstable, they will be affected.

He added that they had an essential argument with the Egyptian delegation as they talked about the latest military situations at the oil crescent region in Libya, explaining that they insisted that the NOC continues to be recognized with the word Tripoli included in the Arab Summit statements so that it gives clear reference that the Tripoli-based NOC is the only legitimate body in Libya.

The argument was rejected by the Egyptian delegation.

He also stressed that the Tripoli NOC is the one acknowledged in all international and UN resolutions, adding that the oil crescent must be left out when it comes to political conflicts, "and this is what we told the Arab Summit," he remarked.

The PC ordered this week the pullout of oil ministry authorities and some of the NOC's, which was rejected by the NOC and several lawmakers in Libya.