Foreign Minister, Muhammad Sayala, on Wednesday, called on the UN Human Rights Council to facilitate the work of the fact-finding committee in Libya.

In his speech before the UN Human Rights Council, Sayala demanded to hold accountable all those who committed crimes against humanity and human rights violations in Libya, stressing the need to prevent impunity in order to achieve the principle of justice and accountability.

The foreign minister also affirmed Libya's right to manage and invest its frozen funds in the reconstruction of the country.

He called for a fair distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, referring to the pandemic's impact on the humanitarian situation in Libya, especially in light of the conditions the country is experiencing.

"The security and stability of Libya's neighbouring countries is linked to the security and stability of Libya," Sayala said, underscoring that the outcomes of the security track and the work of the military committee must be placed under international safeguards to ensure the success of the political process.