Khalifa Haftar's forces, positioned in Al-Wishka between Sirte and Misrata, have carried out an attack on Abu Grein town in a violation of the ink-on-papar ceasefire wishing to become positioned nearby Misrata city.

Libyan Army forces pulled out temporarily from Abu Grein under the heavy shelling by Haftar's forces, then once the military reinforcement came from Misrata, they repelled the attackers and retook Abu Grein pushing Haftar's forces away.

At least 20 fighters from Haftar's forces were killed and scores were injured - including foreign mercenaries - who all were sent to Sirte Ibn Sina Hospital, while the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) suffered ten deaths and ten injuries.

"We have destroyed several military vehicles for Haftar's forces as they tried to advance on Abu Grein. We have also instructed our forces to respond with force to the threats of Haftar's forces, which are violating the ceasefire and targeting civilians." The Libyan Army spokesman Mohammed Gununu said Sunday.

He added that their forces are still in their positions in Abu Grein and are pushing Haftar's forces outside toward Al-Wishka, saying the repetition of the treacherous aggressor' attacks annul the ceasefire.

"We didn't start this war but sure we are going to set the place and the time for its ending." Gununu remarked.