The Free Fields Team, which is appointed to demine various areas in the city of Sirte, found a number of missiles in Sirte suburbs.

The coordinator of the team, Rabie Al-Jawashi, told the press that they had found a scud missile nearby the gas pipeline in Sawawa area, near the wheat project at the Man-Made River.

"The scud missile is 13 meters long but has no warhead." The coordinator added.

He also said that the team found an air-to-air missile while combing through Wadi Al-Haniwa area, in eastern Sirte, indicating that they also found aircraft bombs (250 kg) in several residential areas, especially the destroyed ones.

The Free Fields Team also found 155 artillery shells, which IS militants use to make explosives, in a number of houses, especially the seaside Jiza residential area.

"The explosives and bombs (all make up 30 tones) will be entirely destroyed in the coming couple of days in Sirte suburbs." Al-Jawashi explained.