Aviation Exhibition

The Libya International Aviation Exhibition kicked off on Monday in its second edition. The Exhibition specializes in the field of civil aviation and all its services, and is sponsored by Al-Baraka Insurance Company.

The three-day Exhibition sifts through research papers related to aviation insurance, the importance of aviation in transportation and shipping, the European ban on Libyan airliners, and the restrictions on Libyan airspace internationally.

The Exhibition also reviews the prospects for the development of the air transport sector in Libya, drawing and planning air navigation maps, climate change and its impact on air navigation and freight, establishing a university for all aviation studies in Libya, and securing drones.

A number of ambassadors, experts, people interested in the field of aviation, and personalities representing government agencies and international organizations attended the Exhibition.

The Exhibition will be accompanied by a gallery containing 15 stands with the participation of local and international companies in the field of aviation and aircraft maintenance, in addition to companies specialized in the fields of insurance and tourism services.

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