The economic track dialogue meetings, which are organized by the UNSMIL, ended in Cairo on Monday after negotiations that were attended by 21 Libyan banking and financial personalities.

The meeting on the second day in Cairo discussed the formation of the Libyan Economic Experts Commission.

The economic track is part of the UN plan for solution, which also includes political and military tracks, all approved by the Libyan and international stakeholders in Berlin conference.

The meetings in Cairo agreed that the commission should work in cooperation with international organizations leaving intact the sovereignty of Libya as regards to managing state institutions, assets and economic resources.

The attendees discussed in Cairo economic challenges, especially banking transactions between east and west Libya, uniting economic institutions, fighting financial corruption and implementing fair wealth distribution mechanisms, besides rebuilding projects.

This round is the second as the first one was held in January in Tunisia. It also paves the way for the political track dialogue that is supposed to be held on February 26.