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The current president of the Security Council, and Niger's representative, Abdou Abarry, said in a press conference that the conditions of free, credible, democratic, and consensual elections, an important link for the return of peace and stability in Libya, have not yet been met.

Abarry emphasizing that he was speaking as his country’s ambassador to the UN, not as head of the Security Council, saying that the conditions don't allow holding elections that can lead to stability in Libya.

"“The situation is not mature enough to allow a type of elections that can lead to lasting stability and security in Libya. Foreign fighters are still in Libya, the dividing line of the conflict remains frozen, and there is no real reunification of the forces.” He remarked.

He also said that of the more than 20,000 mercenaries and foreign soldiers identified by the UN in Libya, “there are between 11,000 and 12,000 Sudanese” and “a few thousand” from countries in the Sahel region.