Security apparatuses in Libya's capital Tripoli evacuated on Thursday morning the High Council of State's (HCS) headquarters at Radisson Blu hotel and the HCS's secretary office in Tariq Al-Sikka over reports of a security threat, sources from the HCS told The Libya Observer.

Other sources also reported that employees of Dat Al-Emad complex had been evacuated and security personnel had ringed the area over a possible "terrorist threat."

However, the head of the media office of the HCS denied evacuating their HQ at the Radisson Blu hotel, saying they had their meetings and work as normal as everyday.

The Interior Ministry, according to sources, has not received any security threats in Tripoli, confirming that Thursday morning saw some evacuations at the sole act of security personnel taken with securing the government headquarters, saying their act was also prompted by rumors circulated on social media saying some foreign companies at Dat Al-Emad would be targeted.

"Warnings of attacks were sent to a foreign company Wednesday night, saying a terrorist act would strike the Dat Al-Emad complex and thus the security personnel did their job and secured the lives of the innocent." Sources added, citing the Interior Ministry.

Several shop owners confirmed earlier that security personnel asked them to leave the Dat Al-Emad complex in downtown Tripoli minutes before noon over fears of a terrorist attack.