A senior member of the ISIS group has turned himself in, to the 444 Brigade of the Libyan army, an informed source has confirmed without disclosing any further details.

The ISIS affiliate, identified to be Mustafa Abdel Hamid bin Dallah, has been included on the Public Prosecution's wanted list since 2016 following the launch of the Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation to liberate the coastal city of Sirte from the extremist group.

Bin Dallah was targeted by AFRICOM twice. His place of residence in Bani Walid was also raided several times in collaboration with US forces under air cover before his arrest failed.

The man was reportedly responsible for the security of ISIS senior leaders besides securing supplies for the organization.

He is also accused of bringing in the "Emir" of ISIS in Libya, nicknamed Abu Muadh Al-Iraqi, and other leaders, including Malik Al-Khazmi, Mahmoud Al-Barasi, and his sisters-in-law, who were later targeted by AFRICOM.

Following Sirte's liberation in 2016, Bin Dallah has been living in the hide out in the valleys of Suf al-Jin near Bani Walid, out of the public eye, according to local sources.