Two Serbian embassy staff were kidnapped in Sabratha on Sunday while travelling in the ambassador's convoy.

The Serbian foreign ministry identified the abducted diplomats as Sladjana Stankovic, in charge of communications, and Jovica Stepic, a driver.

A Sabratha Municipality statement said Ambassador Oliver Potezica's convoy was on its way to Tunisia when it had an accident. As the convoy stopped, two embassy staff were abducted by unknown assailants. The ambassador managed to escape and was protected by local authorities, who arrived at the scene after the incident  took place. 

 "The ambassador was escorted by security forces from Sabratha to the Tunisian border of Ras Ejdir." The statement said.

Sabratha Municipality held Ambassador Oliver Potezica responsible for the incident for not informing authorities in Sabratha about his travel.

"We held the ambassador and related authorities in Libya responsible for the incidents for the failure to coordinate with the security services in Sabratha to protect the ambassador and his convoy and secure their arrival to Tunisia." The statement reads.

The municipal council condemned the abduction and confirmed it will carry out all necessary measures to secure the release of the two diplomats.