Seven people, including kids, have been killed so far in renewed clashes between armed groups Al-Hanish and Al-Khadrawi.

Clashes erupted on Friday morning between the two local armed groups causing great deal of panic amid the civilians, let alone the damage caused to houses by random shillings from both armed factions.

The clashes between the rival armed groups, which some sources said were triggered by lust for power, renewed on Saturday with both sides using heavy weapons as well as tanks in different neighborhoods in Al-Zawiya, eyewitnesses said.

“Security forces in the city were on high alert and ready to step in if the elders’ efforts for bringing the clashes to a peaceful end did not work.” They added.

Eyewitnesses also reported that many families are still trapped inside the areas of clashes, which are considered the most violent since the beginning of 2015 as it is the first time heavy artillery and tanks are used inside the city.

A member of the National Commission of Human Rights in Libya, Ahmed Hamza, said they are communicating with the Red Crescent and Al-Zawiya elders in order to contain the clashes, pinpointing that it highly unlikely to be able to give exact numbers for the family members, who are stuck in the middle of the clashes.