A number of elders and civil society activists in Tripoli called on the Presidential Council to freeze the work of all current political bodies and materialize the aspirations of people in holding fair elections as per a constitutional basis to end transitional periods.

The remarks came in a meeting attended by the Presidential Council's deputy head Mossa Al-Koni. The attendees discussed ways out of the crisis and support for the tracks of national reconciliation.

Al-Koni reviewed his vision on the feasibility of the decentralization system, saying it would help to see the return of the governorate system, which is based on regional mechanisms and is capable of achieving justice in the distribution of resources, speedy response to people's expectations and the extension of security and stability throughout Libya.

He explained that this system will contribute to reducing financial and administrative corruption, according to the ease of direct monitoring of the spending of public money, dismantling the current accumulation of wealth in the hands of the central authority and reducing the burdens on the government.