The Head of the Audit Bureau, Khalid Shakshak, confirmed on Tuesday that the preparation of the annual report for 2021 was carried out in accordance with the international standards that financial control bodies work with all over the world, adding that all of the information was  documented with sufficient evidence for publication, in addition to being referred to the relevant authorities to take action.

The remarks came in a meeting for Shakshak with the Deputy Heads of Presidential Council Mossa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi. They reviewed the 2021 annual report of the Audit Bureau, whose Head, Shakshak, hailed the Presidential Council's keenness to follow up on the report to pit forth its notes. Shakshak said the PC is the first government institution to meet with the Audit Bureau's team as part of transparency and control efforts.

Al-Koni and Al-Lafi both stressed the importance of the Audit Bureau's report to detect government institutions' violations as part of the strategy to fight corruption, hailing publishing the report to the public opinion as it put an effort toward ending corruption within state institutions.

The report of the Audit Bureau for 2021 was issued in September 20, 2022. It included information, remarks and recommendations on institutions of the state.