The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj visited Wednesday Sharara oilfield along with a government delegation to negotiate with protesters from Fezzan Rage Movement the reopening of the field.

The negotiations did pay off as the movement members agreed to reopen the field as of today - Wednesday - provided that their demands will be very soon answered under the supervision of the UNSMIL, local media reported.

The visit of Al-Sirraj came after the protesters demanded the government officials go to the southern region for negotiations.

Al-Sirraj said Tuesday the demands of Fezzan Rage Movement are legitimate but rejected using threats and hindering oil production, which will be a great loss to all Libyans.

He also issued an ordinance allocating over a billion dinars for development projects in the south.

On Sunday, the National Oil Corporation declared force majeure on Sharara oilfield's operations, saying resumption of production will take place only after security have prevailed, thus rejecting any type of ransom payment to the protesters.

The NOC accuses Brigade 30 and its backup force of Petroleum Facilities Guard of shutting down Sharara oilfield by force and threatening workers.