The Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said dialogue meetings with Turkey stopped after two sessions because Ankara's practices in Libya didn't change.

Shoukry told Al-Arabiya TV that Libyan parties should respect Skhirat agreement and called on the UN and stakeholders to deal with the legitimate government in Libya, referring to Fathi Bashagha's government.

Last year, two rounds of talks were held between the two countries at the level of deputy foreign ministers in Egypt and Turkey to discuss the necessary steps to normalize relations at the bilateral level and in the regional context, but those meetings have not yet resulted in the exchange of diplomatic representation between the two sides. They both are still at the charge d'affaires level.

Dialogue efforts between Cairo and Ankara got hindered, according to analysts, after the Libyan Government of National Unity signed two memoranda of understanding on energy and gas with the Turkish government on October 03.

Egypt supports the eastern camp in Libya, represented by Khalifa Haftar, the House of Representatives, and currently Bashagha's government, while Turkey has been siding since the beginning of the crisis against the orientations of countries such as Egypt, the UAE and France in Libya, thus supporting the western camp represented by the former Government of National Accord and the current Government of National Unity.