The self-proclaimed governor of east Libya and chief of staff of Tobruk parliament forces has threatened to block the formation of government of UN-proposed Presidency Council, accusing its head Fayaz Sirraj of being a spokesperson for Muslim Brotherhood.

In an interview with Egypt’s Almasry Alyoum newspaper published on Friday, Abdul-Rezzak Al-Nadouri said Sirraj is weak and irresponsible and cannot lead the current stage in Libya.

“He is nothing,” he said.

Asked about the ongoing efforts of Fayaz Sirraj to form a new cabinet and get a vote of confidence from Tobruk-based parliament, Al-Nadouri replied: “when he sees his earlobes,” an Arabic expression means something is impossible to happen.

He also accused Britain of being Muslim Brotherhood-sitter, adding that the Muslim group has also influenced decisions of Italy and the United States toward Dignity Operation.

Al-Nadouri also accused Qatar of intervening in the internal affairs of Libya, saying “if we had long-range missiles, we could have wiped it off the face of the earth.” Ironically, he denied the intervention of Egypt and the UAE in Libya.