The sister of an activist critical of Khalifa Haftar has been kidnapped with her 20-day-old baby, as well as her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, her father Saeed Al-Farsi said on Saturday.

Al-Farsi appeared in a video recording saying that the "Twenty" unit headed by Ali Al-Mashai -a militiaman of the Tariq bin Ziyad militia affiliated with Haftar- is responsible for the kidnapping of his daughter Nada and her children.

The militia seized Nada to force her sister Nadin, who is an activist opposing Haftar, to close her Facebook account, which she used to expose the militias' violations, the father says.

Earlier, the activist Nadine Al-Farsi published a phone recording of her with the militiaman Ali Al-Mashai, in which he threatened to kidnap her sister if Nadin did not close her Facebook page.

Later, Nadin broadcast a video clip of her sister, Nada, after she was seized, while they were talking to her via a video call.

Haftar's militia allowed Nada to talk to her family, to absorb the anger of the public after a video clip of her father announcing the kidnapping of his daughter went rival online, Nadin says.

Women in Haftar- controlled areas are facing risks of kidnapping and extrajudicial killings, as human rights activist Hanan Al-Barasi was killed in broad daylight by Haftar’s militias, and before that, MP Siham Sergewa disappeared after a militia attacked her home, as well as activist Iftikhar Abu Dhraa and many others who were subjected to such crimes.