Locals from Hun - Jufra city - accompanied by Shura Council members, municipal members and civil societies called for immediate halt of airstrikes and military operations that are targeting civilians and civilian properties as well as vital locations in the town.

In a sit-in on Thursday, the locals denounced turning Jufra city into an arena where conflicting parties can settle down their issues.

"Jufra - and Hun in particular - is not biased to any party of the current Libyan conflict, but rather it advocates for peace, stability and security in all across the country. It has always done that among conflicting parties regardless of their visions and ideologies." The locals reiterated in the sit-in.

They also issued a statement saying they are filing the attacks against humanity that were done in their town and will present them to international legal organizations such as the International Criminal Court.

"All conflicting parties should sit for dialogue and discuss national reconciliation so that they avoid all Libyans cities the current unneeded war and bloodshed." The statement reads.

Jufra city was the scene for daily airstrikes by the Operation Dignity fighter aircraft. led by Khalifa Haftar, targeting military and civilian positions and locations in the city's districts and towns, causing deaths as well as injuries, besides lots of material damage.

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