Workers of Civil Aviation sector, Libyan Company for Ground Handling, and Libyan Catering Company conducted concurring sit-ins in Tripoli-based Mitiga airport and other airports to protest the delay of salary payments for more than seven months.

The protests come as a supporting step to the Libyan Airlines Syndicate and Libyan Workers Union’s call for setting a date for an open general strike starting March 20 alongside continuous sit-ins in the airports starting Wednesday, March 16 until their demands of receiving the seven-month delayed salaries are responded to.

Libyan Airlines Syndicate stressed, in a statement, the need to solve the problems and hindrances that the Libyan Airlines company is going through so that it can handle its commitment to all international organizations, calling on Libyan Aviation Holding Company to pay off the dues of the workers and protect their legitimate rights.

“Due to the negligence of many authorities that are related to salaries delay issue despite the direct contact with them by constant correspondences, the Libyan Aviation Syndicate members working in all of the country’s airports will practice its legitimate right to protest and strike, taking no responsibility for the consequences.” The statement concluded.