Updated at 11:00 AM - Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade and Ghaniewa armed brigade take control of Rixos compound after a night of fighting

Heavy fighting broke out near Rixos compound in Tripoli on Tuesday night between armed brigades loyal to UN-proposed Presidency Council and guards of the compound in Bab Bin Ghashir district where the GNC and Salvation Government are located.

Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade and Ghaniewa armed brigade besieged the compound last night and engaged in heavy exchange of fire with the brigades guarding Rixos, mainly from Misrata, with the aim to take control of the hotel, guest palaces and parliament building inside the compound.

The Rixos fighting comes hours after the violent clashes in western Tripoli areas.

The highway and other roads leading to Rixos hotel compound were closed, while situations are still very tense. The nearby Khadra Hospital was hit with an indiscriminate rocket causing a small fire.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation, which drove ISIS out of Sirte, called both sides for an immediate ceasefire. It said in a statement it will not stand idly by while fighting rages in the capital.

“We demand both sides to withdraw to their locations, free identity-based abductees and open the roads,” the statement reads.

The Rixos compound is the HQ of the first elected parliament in Libya, the General National Congress. After the UN-sponsored Libya political agreement signed in Skhirate, Morocco, Rixos was taken over by the High Council of State before the GNC managed to retake it in October 2016 as part of the political conflict.

Meanwhile, unknown assailants believed to Dignity Operation sleeper cells attacked Al-Nabaa TV in Zanatah district with an RPG causing extensive damage to the building.