Sixth Anniversary of Libyans’ 17 February Revolution

Sixth Anniversary of Libyans’ 17 February Revolution

February 16, 2017 - 20:20
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Friday marks the beginning of the seventh year of the 17 February 2011 revolution, in which all Libyans across the country revolted on the dictatorship regime of Muamar Gaddafi calling for freedom and democracy.

All the Libyan cities are preparing ceremonial activities across the country to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the revolution in public squares and significant roads and locations around the country.

The revolution torch was seen on Thursday relaying from one district to another and from one neighborhood to another, especially in Misrata, Tajura, and Tripoli.

The municipality of Tripoli has been preparing the Martyrs Square in downtown the city for an outstanding ceremony of the sixth anniversary for days and tomorrow, it expects that thousands of Libyans from everywhere will gather in the landmark square to chant support and joy for the 17 February revolution.

In line with bringing happiness to Libyans in good times as these of the revolution anniversary, the Libyan Salvation Government of the General National Congress, headed by Khalifa Al-Ghweil, inaugurated the reopening of the Tripoli International Airport on Thursday amid a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the revolution in the presence of several officials and businesspersons as well as revolutionary fighters.