A Gathering of political, scholarly, religious and revolutionary figures was held in Tripoli Tuesday evening to show solidarity with the member of Islamic Studies and Researches Council at Libya’s Fatwa House, Dr. Nader Al-Omrani, who was kidnapped on October 06.

The Gathering featured the slogan of “Solidarity Gathering for Sheikh Nader Al-Omrani and Protection of Tripoli from Banditry.” Many activists delivered speeches about the necessity to tighten grip on criminals and others delivered speeches to recount incidents and facts about Dr. Al-Omrani, including his daughter, whose emotional speech left the audience in tears.

“We call for the immediate release of all the abductees including Dr. Al-Omrani without any conditions and we shoulder the implementation of this call to the relevant state authorities.” The attendees’ final statement reads.

The statement urged also for the forming of a security operations room to protect the capital from crimes and kidnaps. The room should see a cooperation between revolutionaries and civil societies for the arrest of criminals and bandits, calling on the revolutionaries to unite to get the country out of its crisis.

“We call on all those who care for the well-being of the country to take to the streets and claim their rights; we urge them to go after a comprehensive unity based on Sharia and distant from tribalism, partisan fanaticism, and political agenda.” The statement added.