Southern Libya on high alert amid possible IS regrouping

Southern Libya on high alert amid possible IS regrouping

December 10, 2016 - 18:09
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Written By: Abed

The spokesman for the Third Force that is securing the southern region in Libya, Mohammed Glaiwan, confirmed Saturday that the security apparatuses in Sabha and its surrounding districts had declared the alert state for fear that IS militants, who managed to somehow escape Sirte, would venture to regroup in the south.

In a statement to the press, Glaiwan stressed that the alert state is a natural procedure to be taken in Sabha and its suburbs to prevent any possible regrouping of IS militants in the southern Libyan region.

“The Third Force personnel are ready to respond powerfully to any security violations in the southern region.” Glaiwan added.

Meanwhile, the Third Force denied the news that said the pro-Haftar forces of Mohammed Ben Nayel had seized the Barak Al-Shatti military base in the south, saying it is under the control of its forces as usual. 

Misrata-led forces liberated the last hideout of the IS terrorists in Sirte last Tuesday and announced full eradication of the terror group from the coastal city of Sirte after seven months of all-out war.