Oil won’t be pumped out of the oil fields we control until the workers get paid the three-year-delayed salaries and until the health and housing facilities of the workers get improved, the commander of the Petroleum Facilities Guard in the south, Mohammed Khabasha said.

Khabasha told the press that they informed all the relevant authorities as well as the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government about their demands, yet none replied.

“We control the oil fields Al-Feel, Al-Goulf, Al-Khansa, Sinawen, and Al-Wafaa, and we can assure that the gas pipeline from the south to Mellitah Oil & Gas complex in Zuwara is still working as normal as before.” He added.

“We have nothing to do with the reopening of Al-Rayana pipeline as it is not under our control.” Khabasha indicated.

Zintan municipality as well as its military council and notables announced that they will reopen Al-Rayana pipeline. The announcement took place at the end of the National Peace Festival in Sabratha last Saturday.