The Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, called on the Arab Parliament to support the HoR and enable it to exercise what he described as its legislative and constitutional right as the only representative of the Libyan people.

In his speech at the 34th session of the Arab Parliament Union conference held in Baghdad, Saleh said that any attempt by any party to disrupt the work of the HoR is an assault on the powers of any elected parliament, noting that the HoR is the only legitimate body in Libya that has the right to issue laws and legislation, to grant or withdraw confidence from the government, as well as to sign international agreements.

He added that achieving security and peace in Libya will require the organization of simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections under international supervision, pointing out that the HoR is working on drafting consensual electoral laws that can be satisfactory to all parties by granting the right to run for elections to all Libyans without exclusion as a principle for the solution.

"We are working to form a unified executive authority capable of supporting the High National Elections Commission, through security and logistics, and achieving national reconciliation, taking into account the three historical regions in terms of the right to political participation and wealth management.” Saleh said.

Saleh's request to recognize the HoR as the only representative of the Libyan people comes in light of the growing speculation that the international community has had enough of the "procrastination" of the HoR and the High Council of State as regards to the approval of a constitutional basis for elections, and that there is an international tendency to bypass the two bodies and assign another party to issue an election law.