The Special Deterrent Force (SDF) issued a statement on Facebook Thursday denying news about an agreement reached on Wednesday that involved its commander Abdel Raouf Kara in order to form a committee to visit the prison run by the SDF inside Mitiga airport so that the conditions of the inmates could be documented.

“The formation of a committee to visit the prison is not authorized to any party but the Justice Ministry and the Attorney General’s office.” The SDF explained, adding that most of the inmates were sent to the Public Prosecution Office and security is prevailing at and around the airport of Mitiga.

It also announced that the road near the airport was reopened after two days of closure over the clashes that took place on Monday, which the SDF described “some criminals’ attack.”

“We have nothing to do with any conflict between Tajoura and Sooq Jumua’s residents. We work in security and we are here to make sure that criminals won’t be able to destabilize the capital and crack the fabric of the society.” The SDF.

Some social media and media outlets reported that an agreement was reached between SDF and Brigade 33 commander under the supervision of the Sooq Jumua and Tajoura’s elders. The agreement establishes a ceasefire and formation of a committee to visit the prison inside Mitiga and then sending the inmates to the Public Prosecution.

Human rights observers say Mitiga prison, which is run by the SDF, is one of the notorious prisons in Libya that is not under any control except the control of an ideological armed group carrying out human rights abuses, including settling down issues with ideological and political foes.

Mitiga airport was hit by bloody clashes between the SDF and Brigade 33 on Monday killing 20 and injuring over 60 people, in addition to shutting down the airport and suspending flights.